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Subject: Re: Help with blit bug!


Yes, RGB565_32_A128 == 0xF7DEF7DE. If the problem is endianess, given
the code I have is there an efficient way to handle it? Thanks.

I suspected it could be an endianess issue,
Kaba wrote:
>> I have written a 16bit 565 50% blend blit for an embedded device but
>> it's got a bug I am having trouble with. I am trying to process two
>> pixels at once but the pixels seem to blit in a swapped order on the
>> device. Is there something wrong with this code or is it a device issue
>> where I would have to swap the pixels before blitting? In that case
>> would I be better offer processing a pixel at time?
> Propably an endianness issue. For example, if your device is little
> endian and the data is high endian, you get wrong results. I assume
> RGB565_32_A128 zeros the lowest bit of each r,g and b field?


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Re: Help with blit bug!
Re: Help with blit bug!

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