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Subject: Re: General flat-flat intersection

> You might want to approach this is through Grassmann coordinates, not
> point-vector form. If you're familiar with Pluecker coordinates for
> lines, these just extend the same idea.

--xO--- snipped great stuff ---

I see.. although just conceptually. I spent these two days reading some
introductory stuff on Grassmann algebra and Clifford algebra. And boy,
I'm hooked:) Currently however, your solution goes out of my scope.

Studying these will most propably take time, so it is better left as an
exercise for me:) However, I'd appreciate if you (or someone) could
briefly comment on these questions that rised:

1) What is "Geometric algebra" and how it relates to Clifford algebra
and Grassmann algebra?

2) I am also reading on tensors at the moment. I have a feeling tensors
are somehow connected to the Clifford algebra. Is there a connection and
if there is, what is it?


Kalle Rutanen


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Re: General flat-flat intersection
Re: General flat-flat intersection
Re: General flat-flat intersection

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