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Subject: Re: GIF background: transparency

"John Smith" wrote in message
> The background color in a GIF file is set for the entire file. However
> each
> image in that same file can have a different pallette and can have a
> transparent color set. So, can the background be transparent, or is it
> always a solid color?
> (Just because browsers ignore background color, does not mean that their
> implementation is necessarily correct.)

IIRC the background color should be used whenever the transparency can't be
implemented. In days long gone a browser might not be able to display a GIF
on top of anything else than a solid color, and would use the bgcolor for
So both your own answers are true, for slightly different values of 'true'.
Note: I also seem to recall vaguely the background color is an RGB value,
which would prohibit the value 'transparent'.



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Re: GIF background: transparency

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