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Subject: Re: Creating barrel distortion

Hans-Bernhard Broeker skrev:
> Johan Stäck wrote:
>> I would like to process video, producing the illusion that it is watched
>> through a convex (car rear view) mirror.
>> The first step is obviously just a horizontal flip, but what is next?
> I don't think there's considerable gain in splitting this into two steps.
> Basically, what you'll be doing is distort the flip operation:
> fx(x) = xmax - x
> by replacing the straight-line function fx(x) by a curved one.
> E.g. one like the usual "gamma compensation":
> fx(x) = (1 - x/xmax)^gamma * xmax
> The further away gamma is from 1.0, the stronger the effect.
Thank you!

I assume that for the old-timers in this group "the usual gamma
compensation" is crystal clear. To me, it isn't....
But I will do some reading on the subject.
I believe that I will have to do some distortion also along the y axis,
and presumably that is done in a similar fashion.

Car rear mirrors are (I believe..) convex along both axis but to a
different extent.

/Johan S


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