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Subject: Re: Covert PBRT left-hand coordsys to OpenGL right-hand

Your 4x4 transform is (left handed)

a b c d
e f g h
i j k l
m n o p

Replace with

a b -c d
e f -g h
-i - j k - l
m n -o p

to be right handed.

On 16 May 2006 01:05:22 -0700, "mljack" wrote:

>i am working with a programme to render the PBRT scene with OpenGL.
>Unfortunately i found PBRT is based on left-hand coordinate system. i
>need convert all primitives and transform data to right-hand format.
>point.z -= point.z can convert all point data in the primitives
>presentation correctly.
>my question is how to convert a 4x4 transform matrix correctly which
>contain some basic transform matrix product. (eg. translate, rotate,
>scale, lookat etc.,)
>i google it and havent found a exact explanation. so i seek help here.
>it would be appreciated for some advice or discussion.


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