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Subject: Re: Clipping 3D Triangle by Convex Polyhedron

"Mark Thompson" wrote in message

> I have a (hopefully) quite straightforward problem that I am having
> trouble finding a solution to. I need to be able to clip a 3D triangle
> by a 3D convex Polyhedron (which will always be an extruded triangle
> itself into 3 dimensions).

Compute the intersection between the plane of the triangle
and the convex polyhedron. The intersection is a convex
polygon. Convert both the convex polygon and the triangle
to coordinates in the intersection plane so that you now
have a 2D problem--compute intersection of triangle and
convex polygon.

Regarding the suggestion to use "separating axes". As far
as I know, that method is useful for "test intersection"
queries, but is not immediately applicable to "find intersection"
queries (other than to say "yes, they intersect" in which case
you apply other algorithms for computing the intersection set).

Dave Eberly


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Clipping 3D Triangle by Convex Polyhedron =>

Re: Clipping 3D Triangle by Convex Polyhedron

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