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Subject: Re: Cgafaq math rendering

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 20:20:40 +0200, Malte Clasen
>I'd say it would, but for a different reason. Although I'm grateful that
>I have proper vision, I think we should not exclude those who don't. As
>long as the formulas are computer readable, they can be transformed to a
>more readable form or used for speech synthesis. As soon as the
>information is encoded in an image, be it SVG or any other format, this
>possibility is lost.

I'm not sure how many low-vision readers the cga FAQ will have, but it
is a design goal of SVG to accomodate diversity. The XML text of SVG
can have descriptions included using the element.

There is also a element.

That said, problems remain with SVG or PNG or other image approaches.
Inline formulae do not align with the surrounding text. Fonts do not
match. And scaling the document to larger sizes usually does not also
scale the images. MathML is a bloated committee-spawned monstrosity,
but it was created for a good reason. From the W3C site:

"MathML 2.0, a W3C Recommendation was released on 21 Feb 2001."

So it's long past time we used it. The other missing piece of the
mathematics puzzle is fonts, and the STIX Fonts project finally has a
beta release in sight.

Meanwhile, Code2000 fills many Unicode holes, mathematical and other.

Unfortunately, the fraktur, script, and blackboard bold fonts are in
plane 1, which this font does not cover. Fortunately, Mozilla browsers
and MathPlayer understand, and include font solutions.


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