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Subject: Re: Cgafaq math rendering

On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 13:27:21 GMT, "Dave Eberly"
>I recall purchasing a package from Design Science that
>was a plugin to MS Word and would generate MathML.
>The two problems were (1) I was forced to use MS Word's
>Equation Editor [an awful way of generating math] and
>(2) reading web pages with the MathML output required
>the reader to download from Design Science a browser
>Does BlahTeX have similar problems? I cannot imagine
>the display of good looking math equations as a
>high-priority item for any browser provider.

I agree with you that, despite my antipathy towards TeX, it's usually
easier to type its markup than to use these "wysiwyg" editors for long
mathematical text.

BlahTeX was inspired by the needs of Wikipedia, which has many editors
and many mathematical articles already, currently typesetting using an
ugly hack called texvc. But it's not as ugly as mimetex.

As I understand it, the idea for output is to generate MathML, or
HTML, or PNG, depending on the complexity of the formula and the needs
of the user/browser. The input is a subset of LaTeX, such as

egin{bmatrix} a & b \ c & d end{bmatrix}

Firefox and the other Mozilla Foundation (Gecko-based) browsers have
had decent built-in MathML support for a long time. For IE, the free
MathPlayer plug-in works, giving MS little incentive to invest effort
in built-in support. I haven't checked lately for the status of Opera
and Safari and others. Visit the W3C site for more options and info.

Since PNG images are available as a fallback, support should be broad.


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