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Subject: Re: Cgafaq math rendering

hoffmann@fho-emden.de wrote:
> It's really odd in this thread that the quality for
> the presentation of mathematical stuff seems to be
> limited by stone-age HTML.
I hope you have your fire-proof suit on.

> Simply learn how to create a pleasant PDF.
> It's just the state of the art - monitor preview looks
> very similar to the print version.
Being a TeX-nician for years, I pretty well know how to
create pleasant pdfs. Yet, both pdf and html have different
usages. For example, how could you make a wiki-like
site - where everybody can edit, correct and extend the
context - using pdf-only solution? It won't work! Pdf
is an output format, not well suited for editing.

The current trends are quite opposite to what you suggest.
We like to be able to produce from *one* source multiple
documents: for print, for a beamer, for a screen; using
ps and pdf and html and possibly some other formats, too.


"Beauty is the first test: there is no permanent place
in the world for ugly mathematics." G.H. Hardy


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