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Subject: Re: Algorithm of SUDOKU

Eitan M wrote:

> Hello,
> What is the concept, of the algorithm of writting SUDOKU ?
> Need sample code, please (Java),
> or any good leading concept for writing SUDOKU.
> Thanks :)


Seems to by hype since a while?!

Well.... isn't anymore.. you came too late ;-)

There was some discussion on Sudoku-solving
on the OCaml mailinglist, some months ago.
And there are some C-solutions around since
longer time.

If you really need Java-code I have no idea where
to look (ask Google ;-)) but if C and OCaml could maybe
help you, I can look for details.
(Mail me per PM, so that I do not forget it; then I can look
for it.)


P.S.: Is not a graphics algorithm.... so why do you ask in this group?


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Algorithm of SUDOKU =>

Re: Algorithm of SUDOKU

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