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Subject: Re: 8bit to 1 bit

Rahul wrote:
> I have a char array of 24*24. Where each pixel represented by 8 bits, I
> need to convert this data so that it can be stored in a TIFF file with
> CCITT FAX 4 compression, what that means is I need to convert from 8
> bit to 1 bit per pixel. Loss of image data is not an issue.

The easy way out is just thresholding. Essentially: If x>128, x=1 else
x=0. The results for text might be okay, but images will look terrible.

A better solution might involve error diffusion. You should read about
Floyd-Steinberg error diffusion:


This gives better quality images if your sources are grayscale.

Nicholas Sherlock



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Re: 8bit to 1 bit

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