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Subject: Re: 4x4 matrix inversion

"Kaba" wrote in message

> Deriving the n = 4 version is left as an exercise:)

The OP indicated that his matrices are built from affine
transformations but stored in 4-by-4 matrices. It is
probably better not to invert it by a general 4-by-4
process. To the OP: If M is the 3-by-3 block and T is
the 3-by-1 translation (or 1-by-3 if you use a different
storage convention), then the inverse has M^{-1} as its
3-by-3 block and translation -M^{-1}*T.

Regarding the cofactor expansion that reduces the 4-by-4
to 3-by-3 determinant calculations. You can save a lot
of cycles by reducing instead to only 2-by-2 determinants.
The Matrix4 class at my website implements the inversion
this way.

Dave Eberly


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Re: 4x4 matrix inversion

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