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Subject: Re: 3D point location problem

Il Wed, 03 May 2006 03:44:52 -0700, jindra ha scritto:

> if the polygon is planar then you can project, e.g., to xy/xz/yz plane
> and use some standard planar point location algorithm (winding number,
> ray-crossing),

I can apply the winding number to xy /yz/ zx projection and if are all ok
, the point is inside the 3D Polygon ?
is it as simple ?
For example: i have the point P(Xa,Yb,Zc) and the polygon Pi(Xi,Yi,Zi)
0<=i=>n . I had to do only this :

if ( winding2D(Pi(Xi,Yi),P(Xa,Yb)) &&
winding2D(Pi(Xi,Zi),P(Xa,Zc)) &&
winding2D(Pi(Yi,Zi),P(Yb,Zc)) )
return true ;

It will be fantastic ?



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Re: 3D point location problem

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