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Subject: Newbie 3D airplane help

Good morning!

I have an idea for a basic 3D game. I'm trying to come up with a
generic algorithm that will give me a relative x,y,z orientation of a
plane in reference to the observers on the ground. Let's say I already
have given the plane a yaw, pitch, roll, and heading values. How can I
determine the plane's relative orientation to different observers in
the ground?

What I have in mind is that the relative orientation of the plane can
be assigned a unique id. If an observer takes a "picture" of this
unique id / orientation, then a point is scored. Consecutive pictures
of the orientation will not be counted.

In other words, I have a plane flying around and different observers on
the ground are looking at it and their object is to "shoot" as much of
the plane as possible.

Where should I start? Right now, I'm mostly curious about how to
determine the relative orientation of the plane to an observer given
the yaw, pitch, roll, and heading data. I've already figured out how to
calculate the plane's distance to the observers.


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Re: Newbie 3D airplane help
Re: Newbie 3D airplane help

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