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Subject: How to display RH-frame objects and movement in LH-frame display system (DirectX)?

Hi. I need help displaying my objects properly in DX. I have an app
based on RH reference frame: Z-up, Y-right, X-out of screen (towards
user). I would like to come up with a single pair of Rotation and
Translation transformation matrices to convert all to LH just before
display, but am having a pretty hard time of it.

I found a bit on this on Microsoft's website, but some parts of it are
cryptic, ( "reverse the backface-culling order" and "lay out the cube
maps accordingly" ) and others I don't know
how to go about doing ( "Flip the order of triangle vertices so that
the system traverses them clockwise from the front. In other words, if
the vertices are v0, v1, v2, pass them to Direct3D as v0, v2, v1" ). I
use DX's CreateSphere, CreateCube type functions to create the models.

Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to display RH-based stuff in
DirectX (or other LH-based reference frame system)?

Thanks in advance.



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