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Subject: Create PolyMesh From PolyLine

Hello Group,

I have a (closed) Line of Segments running counterclockwise. All
Segments are on the x-y-Plane. Now I compute the bisecting Lines between
each Segment-Pair and rotate them so that they point into the Polygon
which is defined by the closed Line of Segments.
I also rotate the bisecting Lines downward so that they have specified
angle to the x-y-Plane, e.g. 45. And now... I am stuck.
If there are neighbor bisecting Lines which intersect each other, i need
to calculate the common bisecting Line pointing further down which can
also intersect the next bisecting Line (or the previous), for which i
need again the common bisecting Line. This sounds to me like a problem
which perfectly fits to a recursive algorithm.

By that algorithm I try to get a closed band of Polygons, and with that
i want to intersect these polygons with each other. In the end, i
hopefully get a V-Notch of the formerly 2D-Polygon.

Well, i am now badly under time-pressure, so you are perhaps my last
hope to get this thing working. Did you know a similar Problem and can
you tell me how it is solved there?

Thanks in Advance,


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Re: Create PolyMesh From PolyLine

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