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Subject: Algorithm to set Face image background to transparent

I am writing a program in C# that print face image. One of the
requirement is to have a transparent background so that when the image
is printed no ink is wasted for the background (no color result to no
ink used).

My problem at the moment is how to set those background to transparent.
I am using light blue background. The result is somewhat not perfect.
The problem is:

1. Light cause the background to have different shade.
2. I have tried to programmatically replace a range of color using C#.
For instance, instead of replacing blue pixel I try to replace a range
of RGB value that is nearby to blue. But the result is also not so
nice. Particularly at the edge of the person face and body.

At this moment I am looking for the following

A. Tips on software codes/algorithm. For instance how to effectively
replace the color and how to handle the edge.
B. Physical picture capture setting and technique. How to set the
camera, light and background.
C. Is there digital camera that can do this out of the box? That is,
output a face photo with perfect blue/magenta background.
D. I am also considering SDK or libraries that can do this in a very
fool proof manner.

I would like to add here that the photo is a standard passport photo.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Algorithm to set Face image background to transparent

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