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Subject: ANNOUNCE: General Polygon Clipper Library GPC

This is a periodic announcement of the availability of the GPC General
Polygon Clipper Library. It's free for non-commercial use; and there are
simple licensing terms for inclusion in a commercial product.

For details please see:


GPC is a flexible and highly robust polygon set operations library for use
with C applications, as referenced in the comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ and
the UIUC Computational Geometry Pages. The GPC library is estimated to have
thousands of users worldwide, and is subject to several hundred downloads
each month.

This software is free for non-commercial use. Anyone wishing to use the GPC
library in support of a commercial product please email gpc@cs.man.ac.uk.

GPC Features

- Difference, intersection, exclusive-or and union clip operations are

- Polygons may be comprised of multiple disjoint contours.

- Contour vertices may be given in any order - clockwise or

- Contours may be convex, concave or self-intersecting.

- Contours may be nested (i.e. polygons may have holes).

- Output may take the form of either polygon contours or tristrips.

- Hole and external contours are differentiated in the result.

- Coincident edges and degenerate regions are handled correctly.

Toby Howard
GPC Licensing


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