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Subject: ANN: ActiveSolid 1.6.3 (New Release)

ActiveSolid is a 3D solid modeling, prototyping, and view mark-up
application. It runs in either of two modes: as an Internet Explorer plug-in
or as a standalone end-user application. It features an intuitive GUI,
import/export plug-in architecture (with free Import/Export plug-ins
downloadable from ActiveSolid's home page), associative 3D dimensions,
robust Boolean operations on 3D meshes and 2D polygons, 3D slicing, polygon
offset, automatic house/roof/wall creation, local vertex/face editing,
optimal solid reconstruction from parallel contours, 2D mark-up tools, and
an array of other powerful 3D object creation tools. Supported file formats
include STL, DXF, Q3BSP, XGL and various 2D bitmap formats.

Version 1.6.3 adds the powerful Extrude Path tool for extruding a cross
section (a polygon or a planar polyline) along a 3D polyline path to create
a 3D solid mesh.

ActiveSolid 1.6.3 can be downloaded from here:

J&L Associates
Developer of ActiveSolid, BspSolid and OctSolid


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