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Subject: asp issues

fully patched and updated version of the bridge, running under windows xp/sp2.

the search box for asp is way too long (~1000px or wider), which pushes out the advanced search icon, as well as the shopping cart icon out of view. the only way that i can see these icons is to run fullscreen, or drag the bridge so that it spans between my monitors.

ideally, the search box would be proportional to the size of the bridge window, and not hard coded.

another annoyance is that the bridge uses the windows defaults for image types - esp. jpgs. since cs2 doesn't always become the default app for filetypes (i still can't get indesign to map to indd files), you have to reset jpgs to get the bridge/photoshop integration to work. easy for me, but a pita for the less technical art directors over here.

also, the advanced search dialog should take the values from the non-advanced search and auto populate itself.

screen rez - 1280x1024 on two monitors.


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Re: asp issues
Re: asp issues
Re: asp issues
Re: asp issues

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