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Subject: Re: size/resolution, how to decide which one to buy?

You can try your 1:1 measurements in Photshop to see what resolution you appr. need. I had to buy a photo for a wall (2.4x3.6 meters) and bought off course the highest quality (not Adobe, but getty-images).

28 MB = A4 300dpi
48 MB = A3 300dpi

But what you need to buy is depending on the output. For example, a billboard needs a 72 dpi 1:1 file.

My Printer gave me this to help out: distance to your image

1 m, 100 dpi (1:1)
1-5 m, 70 dpi (1:1)
5-10 m, 50 dpi (1:1)

10 m, 30 dpi (1:1)

I think I would buy 28 or 48 MB in your case. Depending on the budget ;-). I would test an image that I already have on screen,
enlarge it in photoshop to 1:1 at 70 or 100 dpi and view it at 100% in photoshop. But, your Printer can advise you also!
Good Luck.


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