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Subject: Re: Why no cheaper low res images in Adobe Stock Photos?

Thank you for sharing that resource - Dreamstime has some good images.

It is interesting that this thread has generated a lot of heat. I have benn hectored, lectured at and insulted. Someone who appeared to be one of moderators even called me a troll and then shut down the thread, so I am surprised that it has been re-opened.

Adobe Stock Photos responded in a much more reasonable manner:

"Thank you for your feedback on negotiating cheaper prices for comp sizes. We provide competitive pricing compared to our suppliers and will take your recommendation into consideration."

No real promise of any changes, but at least they did not reject the proposal outright.

If anyone else has any suggestions for a good source of cheap stock photos for use on the web, I would be pleased if you could share them with this forum.

Thank you.

Paul H.


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