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Subject: Re: Update 1.0.5 won't install

I Am Having the exact same problem as martin, whwn i update to versio 1.0.5 of stock photos and then i check for available updates, it shows that stock photos 1.0.5 is available in available updates but if i check to see what version I Have installed as explained under customer service link, it says I Have installed version 1.0.5 and it says There is a update available, see below which I Copied and pasted from within stock photos or bridge, If I Go to bridge, and click on the adobe stock photos, it says a update is availabe which is version 1.0.6 so i tried the update again even though it says available updates is 1.0.5 , still same problem after it installs, it shows a update available 1.0.5 ... seems to me that there is a version of stock photos version 1.0.6 but somewhere something is out of sync with the system as it keeps saying there is a update even after 1.0.5 is installed, I Believe it should show 1.0.6 for available updates as show below as the program shows me, anyway i know i have versionb 1.0.5
even though it shows version 1.0.5 available to be installed, something is screwed up on adobe's system I Think

You are currently using Adobe Stock Photos version 1.0.5.
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