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Subject: Re: This bugs me...

But here's the problem....
"if you don't do it through adobe, you dont do it at all"

I'm just calling Adobe a monopoly here and I think they sould be very careful how they behave. Honestly, Adobe has no competition.
I guees in a court of law you could call Corel and Paint shop pro competition, but really now. The 2 have what 5% of the market. It's worse now that Adobe and Macromedia are now one. How does the FTC let stuff like this fly?

Now if Adobe we're to use it's position as a monopoly wisely, it would do what many musicians do when they get big, help smaller guys get big. You see when I see a company the size of adobe gets agressive and expansive, It scares me. because that my choices will be reduced, I know that quality will decline, and the only oppertunity will be "through the corporation". And then life gets more difficult for those of us who want to live outside of the corporate lifestyle.

Isn't adobe big enough already?

I'll have the MOST respect for any large corporation like adobe who has the humaity to put on their brakes and say "ya know what?, we're big enough, let's let someone else in the pool too"

But I'm living in a fantasy land if I EVER expect a coropration to say that, they are profit machines that brainwash the minds of all work for them. I don't expect any kind of a real answer out of you, karen, youre a corporate lacky, I'd have to meet you on the street and talk human to human to get the real story. You're not a bad person, you(and anyone working for a corporation) have just been seduced by the dark side. (and I'm not just a corny star wars geek tossing out a quote)

enough of my soap box for now. I'll bet all this eventually will get deleted just because it dosen't jive with adobe.


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