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Subject: Re: This bugs me...

Sounds like the stock photo market is totally flooded. I don't think I want to get into that. I'll just stick with puting my shots on physical products and selling them.
the Stock photo business sounds really corporate.

As you can tell I hate corporations, A business grows beyond a certian size and they begin to hurt the industry they are in. Corporations like Adobe, Microsoft, ATT/SBC, Sony, etc... are Anti-capatalist, they supress innovation that might hurt profits but help humanity, they promote impoverished condition overseas so they can continue hiring people for almost nothing. They claim to be "patriotic" but will stab their fellow americans in the back given the chance. Every time there is a major merger, it is a sad day for planet earth.

I could go on but I think you get the point. Some day they will be one corporation and the fredom we all love so much will be stolen from beneath our feet. I agrees al-queda is a threat to our freedom, but large corporation as well are a serious threat to national security, I may not have proof but when the bill of rights is completely gone and when america is more like nazi germany or stalins russia, I'll be sitting there saying "I told you so".

But most folks write people like me off as some crazy conspiracy kook.


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