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Subject: Re: This bugs me...

Karen replied to the first post, seemed to be taking the Adobe party line. I think Adobe Stock is a lovely idea for them, but it is one of several things out there - including "stock on demand" meaning you do a custom shoot on spec, and if the buyer picks your images, you get paid stock image pricing, not custom shoot pricing - that's making it harder for people to make a living as a photographer. Pushing the price of an image to a couple dollars guarantees more people out of the market.

I know the thinking behind "it's so integrated we can't disconnect it" having worked in the software business for many, many years. Sometimes the order is given to build it that way.

Having recently heard one of their longtime advisory photographers suggest that it may be time to start looking at other alternatives. That's strong words from someone who'd been one of their strongest proponents. And after waiting while "Initializing Adobe Stock Photos" ran for the 300th time... I'm getting there myself.


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