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Subject: Re: This bugs me...

Karen - I appreciate that Adobe serves many audiences. How about having the software mirror that? If I'm a photographer, who does nothing other than use Photoshop on the way to getting images to my agencies, why should I spend CPU cycles, memory, and disk space on Adobe Stock Photos?

It seems that by forcing it into the software and forcing the large number of users who are not art directors to have it consume system resources is not at all consistent with serving your photographer audience. (Not to mention the angry rise it gets from photographers at odds with the business model each time it starts up, steals 30 seconds of work time, and essentially pokes a stick at them at the bottom of the screen.) It's been a pretty healthy discussion issue at local meetings of ASMP, NANPA, and PPA.

It's also acting as a very effective marketing tool for Aperture - "we're all about the photographers, not the agencies" is a pitch I've now heard several times.

Turning application options on and off, instead of simply hiding the fact that they're cycling away in the background, should be a relatively simple change. Unless you WANT to force your browser - er, sorry - new stock revenue business onto the market.

Thanks for listening.


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