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Subject: Re: This bugs me...

But ya know what the winds of business can be unpredictable and if Adobe dosen't keep their nose clean, somebody will beat them at their own game.
Adobe started going worng when they started shifting focus away from editing and creating images, and started to become another Microsoft.

Bus as you can see Microsoft is looking at an uncertian future in the Operating System business. If they drop the ball on "windows Vista" Someone like Google will take over. (the sun set on Apple years ago they will never be the dominant OS, not since the mid-80's.

Hey I want to sell stock photos and I don't want to do it through Adobe! Adobe dosen't need to be picking off MY business transaction like some kind of vulture. There are too many 'middle men'. Business need to become more simplified. Companies shouldn't be allowed to become too diverse. Corporation become more like governments when they get as big as Adobe, this is not just a threat to national ecurity, but also a threat to Global security as well. These HUGE orgnizations who have no real nation, no real oversight are allowed to run amok on this world. manipulating the fates of billions with out any public say in the matter. No matter what busines they are currently in, they ALL have the same goal, complete socitial dominance, they don't just want to govern you they also want you to do nothing but eat sleep and breathe their corporate brand.

I am but a simple artist and I can do nothing but make cool images. Honestly, this kind of stuff stresses me out and any how my doctor I need to lower my blood pressure.
Enough of my exercise of freedom of speech for now.


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