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Subject: Re: Remove Adobe Stock Photos?

I was quoting Shane, crossed wires, he mentioned that the folders would be recreated, but I can only assume he was refering to the 'My DOcs' folders, not the Adobe Stock Photos folder in Program Files.

There isn't a way to remove just the Stock Photos service. You can however
disable it in the Bridge Preferences. Uncheck it from the Favorites.

You can delete the folders, but if someone were to turn Stock Photos back
on they would be recreated.
Adobe Tech Support

As for what I want to achieve? The removal of Adobe Stock Photos. That's it.

I tried removing the Adobe Stock Photos folder in C:Program FilesAdobe and all references to it where lost from Bridge.

So, what's to test? Is there any prog etc that is dependant on A.S.P or Bridge?

Can I go ahead and delete the Program files folder?


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