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Subject: Re: Proxy authenication?!

Mike - I'm really annoyed too, and have posted in the CS forum about this
ShaneATS - you sound like a helpful kind of guy - can you do me a favor and print out my rant and stick it on the wall of the cafeteria at San Jose... just to give those guys the same kind of indigestion I've had following a traumatic CS2 Premium install....

Because spending time in forums sure don't get the message across to those guys... thanks (here's hoping you sneak in with some Scotch tape and my tender words..)


Yes, I'm hopping mad but hope that someone can give me an answer to at least the following two questions. Because I can't.

1) why is it that even tacky Sony VAIO software can update and work properly behind a firewall, but CS2 (and Acrobat) can't?

2) what is wrong with the Adobe development process and/or internal communication structure that sees endless new, minor features added to products but basic functionality missed out on successive versions of the product?

Let me tell you a story - I use and like CS2 Premium at home, so I advised the office to buy it - yes, all $1200 of it. I told them how great the Stock Photos feature was, and the Bridge etc. etc.

So, we go to install it at work and at the end we get the 'would you like to check for updates message?' Well, of course we would.

What we get is an endless wait - 'checking for updates' - then asked to enter our network id - which then leads to another endless wait. Like, 10 minutes - on a 1gb, Pentium 4 3ghz...

So, lets reboot and forget about updates. I go to show them Bridge. Endless wait again....

So - we hunt in the Knowledgebase, only to find that "authenticating proxy servers" are not supported. Which of course we have...


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