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Subject: Re: NO IMAGE after searching !!!!!


I called tech support today, and spent a little while on trying to get this issue resolved ... and i did.

it seems to have something to do with being behind a proxy server. I'm running Squid & Dansguardian on a Smoothwall 2.0 (firewall) - until now i have not had any issues, and i am even on the excempt list .. my machine does not get filtered.

As soon as i removed myself from the proxy & put myself on a public IP (no NAT/Proxy/Firewall) it worked like a charm.

now i need to figure out how to get it to work with the proxy server ... i'm not willing/wanting to run wide open, besides the fact that i now have NO access to the fileserver.

good luck, I'll post up if i find a solution, and please do the same.



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