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Subject: Re: Illustrator CS Goodies - (Illustrator Stock Photos)

Okay, so I have CS Premium (NOT CS2, I have the first version of CS). There is a Disk Marked Resources and Extras (1). I go into there and find a Goodies folder..when I open the Goodies folder I find another folder that says "Illustrator CS" when I go in there I find a folder called "Clip Art and Stock Photos"and nothing else. In THAT folder is two separate folders: Illustrator Clip Art and Illustrator Stock Photos.

I ***AM**** allowed to use the photos and illustrations in the "Clip Art and Stock Photos"folders within the Goodies folder??

I **CAN** use these on commercial book covers and other projects??

Also, in the Goodies folder - in the PhotoShop folder is a folder calles Stock Art on the same CD. I think there are a few different images, am I also able to use the images in the Goodies folder IN the PhotoShop folder IN the Stock Art folder.

I am unable to find any folder called Adobe Stock Photos. Maybe that's just with CS2?

I assume that I am able to use the brushes and symbols, etc. that install with the programs automatically.


PS,if I haven't confused you enough, give me time..LOL

I am sorry to be a pain, but I live in fear of copyright laws.


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