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Subject: Proxy authenication?!

Are there any plans to enable users who make use of proxy authentication to use Adobe Stock Photos?

I imagine I can't be in the only organisation where authentication is required, so you would have thought that in order to please all it's customers Adobe could remove the need for this to be lacking.

Knowing there's a whole library of photos out there that is loyalty free is extremely useful. Being blocked off at the last moment after you can see categories of photos you want to use is extremely frustrating, annoying, and quite frankly stupid!!

I wouldn't mind so much if when I open Adobe bridge it didn't come up with username and password for the proxy authentication, but it does!

Also, it will then let me search for photos related to my chosen word(s), or I can browse categories of photos before telling me about the proxy authentication problems. It then has the cheek to say 'Check with your Network Administrator to resolve this problem.'
Ok, I've checked with myself.... Adobe is to blame... not me. I can't resolve it, only Adobe can. Guessing they're not telepathically linked to me then.

Also.... If you do want to follow the support route, the local contact for the UK isn't Adobe, but a partner (or something) called Mekon. Mekon were very helpful when I emailed them.... they told me to contact Adobe. Do you see a loop somewhere?!?

Mekon did however, give me a number of options to contact Adobe, one of which was to email.
'You can e-mail techdocs@adobe.com, Adobe's e-mail on demand system, to have any of over 1400 technical reference documents, fact sheets, and answers to commonly asked questions e-mailed back to you.'

When does this happen then? I emailed them 2 weeks ago.

Anyone else annoyed by this lack of support?


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