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Subject: Adobe Stock Photos Missing Search Bar

Does the Search Bar in Adobe Stock Photos come and go?

If YES, then Adobe would like to talk to you. We are currently tracking an issue where the search bar disappears from the Adobe Stock Photos window in Adobe Bridge. We haven't been able to reproduce the issue here yet, but are looking for information.

Please send your answers to the following questions to aifiles@adobe.com

- Are you on Mac or Windows? What OS version?

- Are you using an Administrator account?

- What were you doing with Bridge when this issue occurred?

- What were you doing with Bridge prior to this issue?

- Did it happen at start up or later in the session?

- What kind of network connection do you have?

- Are you willing to install scripts on your system to log this issue the next time it occurs.

- What phone number can someone contact you at?

- Any other comments about this issue you would like to pass along?



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