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Subject: burning files to disk for transfer

Since installing CS2 on Windows (both desktop and laptop) I am having problem with NEF files (Nikon D70, raw)that are downloaded via Nikon software onto laptop and then copied onto a disk that I use to transfer files onto desktop hard drive. Before CS2 the images were approximately 12"x 8" and now they come up 5"x3" although the original 240dpi (6 meg total) are upscaled to 610 dpi. I am concerned that this squeezing and subsequent re-enlargement is hurting quality of data. (a) am I really losing quality information, (b) how can I restore the original layout (which remains the original size on my laptop) to my transfers? Would much appreciate any suggestions. Thank you. Ellis


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Re: burning files to disk for transfer
Re: burning files to disk for transfer

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