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Subject: Saved as TIFF, resulted in 79 pixel square of garbage in image

When saving an image as a TIF file, the resulting image appeared fine except that it contained a 79 pixel square of what almost appeared as a super-saturated moire. (vertical lines that became curved). It really didnt match the background and was certainly not there previously. The background was a fairly solid colored wall. The 79 pixel block was a wild psychedelic mosaic of colored lines.

I re-opened the RAW file and saved again in the same manner and the 79 pixel square did not re-appear.

I saved the TIF file compressed in ZIP format both times.

I guess it bothers me that this may happen again and go unnoticed in a more busy image and then discovered only after I have done some significant amount of work on the bad image. Or worse yet, perhaps the garbage wont be so severe, but still enough to destroy the image.

Has anyone seen such a thing? Any ideas why this might have happened, and if there is any fix? CS2 says no updates available so I should be up to date.


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Re: Saved as TIFF, resulted in 79 pixel square of garbage in image

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