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Subject: Re: saving raw files

When you clicked Done you simply wrote out the Crop instruction to the XMP sidecar (or Camera Raw database). The actual raw image remains untouched but the preview shows the crop. If you want edited copies in a raw format to coexist with the original raw then you should save out the edited version as a DNG file. The actual workflow can appear a little obscure at first, but you'll get used to it:

1. Open original raw in ACR and edit as required.

2. Hit the Save button and choose DNG as format (make sure you also select Compressed Lossless and Full Size JPG Preview).

3. Rename the file.

4. Hit Save (the button in the Save Options dialog).

5. Hit the Cancel button in ACR to drop back to Bridge/Photoshop.

The above workflow leaves your original raw file and associated XMP file untouched but you will now have an edited copy in DNG format.


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