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Subject: Re: saving adjusted raw images

If your RAW image or your DNG image is an 8-bit image, with no layers, either format should save as a JPEG file. One another thing to check, make sure that the single layer is named the "Background layer". If it is named "Layer 0" I think that will prevent it from saving as a JPEG. Personally, I don't see any value of having both RAW and DNG files. The DNG files are typically smaller, and some people will convert to DNG primarily for the space savings. But after editing a raw image I most generally save the file as a PSD file because it is a "lossless" format. Then, if I want to e-mail to copy of that image I will reduce the size of it and then save it as a JPEG image using the "Save for Web" option to make the file as small as possible. But I still retain my PSD file that contains all of my editing. I can convert a copy of that file to any format that I need.


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