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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

Sorry to repost this but I was hoping for a definitive answer:

" "I dont see any advantage to using the Minolta spot meter. It is seredipity that the meter's highlight comp at +2.3 stops works for your camera+sensor combo"

I understood from this dialogue that the Minolta, when used in "highlight" mode to spot measure highlights, doesn't just compute exposure and then add 2.3 stops. I read the discussion as implying that the Minolta accurately gave a measure of the exposure required to expose the measured spot as a highlight be it 2.3 stops above mid grey or some other figure. My understanding is that this has nothing to do with "when sensors can handle +2.6 stops "next year,"" or any other +stops figure."

When I make a highlight reading using the Minolta Spot Meter F, is this a true highlight exposure reading or is it simply the "average" reading plus 2.6 stops?

If it is the latter I would suggest the Minolta highlight function is rather useless.

Thanks in advance



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