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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras


Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed explanation, with samples.

This leads me to a difficulty reconciling other advice that is flying about regarding reliance on the on-camera histogram. I certainly understand the idea of "exposing to the right," and I appreciate the ability of ACR to recover highlight data. But, your explanation of the on-camera histogram, and my brief observations, as noted, make it seem as though the on-camera histogram is not at all a reliable guide to determining whether I have hit the exposure that I want.

Others have said that the on-camera histogram won't be very accurate for RAW exposure purposes, but is it useful at all?? The three photos that I posted did not contain saturated reds or blues.

By the way, the color space in my camera is Adobe, as is my general working space for ACR and PS; I only use ProPhoto when I hit spikes at both ends of the histogram. So, I would assume that the camera is applying the Adobe space curve to the in-camera processing used to generate the histogram, which I understand is based on what a JPEG would look like.

Anyway, I'm a bit lost.


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