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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

"I have been relying on the explanations of linear gamma in Bruce Fraser's book, which I can at least understand, and his explanations make sense to me."

I would agree that Bruce's ACR books are real gems and that his explanations not only make sense but are nearly always correct. Nonetheless, there is no substitute for systematic testing as you are undertaking.

"As I noted before, the in-camera histogram appeared to show LESS overexposure that the ACR histogram in the three shots that I posted. I will check this out again, but, assuming that this is so, it seems backward to me. Any ideas?"

I haven't seen this with my camera. Since the camera histogram represents the raw file with any built in or custom tone curves applied and ACR ignores these curves, this could be the explanation. The built in curves are mainly s-curves like Bruce shows in his ACR book for contrast--they alter the quarter tones but do not affect the highlights. However, a custom curve that you uploaded to the camera and forgot about could be affecting the display. Check the NEF with NC and make sure the tone curve is set to normal.


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