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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

All of the buzz about calibrating ACR is wasted energy. Having made several calibrations I haven't found one to produce the same image as the pain-in-the-neck Canon EVU. Nor does calibrated ACR produce the same colors as camera-JPGs.

I would urge Adobe to do the right thing. Suck up and license the Canon SDK. Build an ACR-Canon so that photographers can see the exact image that their cameras took. Implement as many of ACR's terrific tools as will possibly work with Canon's SDK.

Only then will Canon shooters be confident that ACR really does produce the image that they shot. If the Canon SDK requires that ACR-Canon has a greatly reduced tool set then there is always the regular ACR available. If the proposed ACR-Canon has no additional tools to EVU but works within CS2 and Bridge it would still be usefull to have.

Not to be onesided Canon then needs to work with Adobe to produce the best possible RAW converter that their SDK permits. Nuff said.


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