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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras


I took several more series of shots this afternoon, which I will look at tonight. First, I metered on what I selected as the desireable highlight and bracketed from there. Then I repeated the shots, except that I metered on a Zone IX highlight. The only Zone IX highlight, however, was the bright, hazy sky, and I don't think that will prove to be satisfactory. But, I will check out the shots in ACR.

I will also check out the view of the histogram from Capture, which I do own but don't use because, of course ACR is far superior...

I do appreciate the fact the there is a difference of opinion regarding which highlights to push, although I certainly don't possess the knowledge or experience to weigh in on that (which is why I will continue to run my experiments). I have been relying on the explanations of linear gamma in Bruce Fraser's book, which I can at least understand, and his explanations make sense to me.

As I noted before, the in-camera histogram appeared to show LESS overexposure that the ACR histogram in the three shots that I posted. I will check this out again, but, assuming that this is so, it seems backward to me. Any ideas?


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