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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

The Minolta meter I returned to Jeff let you take a highlight reading, store it, take a shadow reading, store it too, then average the results. I suspect any meter that offers similar capabilities would present them the same way. The averaging turned out to be useless because it was based on a 5-stop range. The highlight reading is simply midtone +2.3 stops, which proved to be pretty useful, so you can take that as a starting point with the L-508.

The fudge factors are:

The accuracy of the L-508 calibration to 18% reflectance.

The accuracy of the camera meter calibration, which I'm pretty sure in the Canon cameras is to 13% reflectance rather than 18%.

The difference between the nominal ISO (which is what the meter is based on) and the real ISO sensitivity of the chip.

The amount of highlight headroom in the camera (your highlight may not be 2.3 stops away from the midtone).

With experimentation, all these factors can be rendered somewhat knowable....


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