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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

Nobody has developed a special meter for digital, and I humbly submit it would be a damn good idea if someone did.

Yes, when you apply the gamma correction, the linear data becomes log. But we almost never "apply a gamma correction." We tone-map the linear data into a gamma-corrected space using fairly complex curves, which is a vastly different process.

And yes, we throw away data to make prints, but we need to throw away the right data. Exposing to the right IS preserving the maximum number of levels—that's the whole point. 16 bits would be a little more forgiving than 12, but no matter how many bits you capture, darkening the midtone in the linear-to-log conversion will ALWAYS be safer than lightening it.

Jeff—2.3 stops seems about right on my 20D. On the 300D, 2.1 would probably be better, but it's not an option on the camera. Fortunately, ACR's highlight recovery keeps me out of trouble most of the time!


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