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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

The Spotmeter F has a highlight button that, when pressed, calculates the exposure required to hold the metered value as a highlight at the specified ISO. (It has a shadow button too, but it's based on a 5-stop range so it's not nearly as useful for digital capture.)

Basically, it cuts out a lot of fudge factors. Some meters are based on 18% reflectance as average scene luminance, but a good many are based on 13% reflectance instead. With a decent exposure, I have about two stops of latitude as to where to place the midtone, so metering midtone, then introducing Kentucky windage to calculate highlight while factoring in the fact that the camera's ISO 100 may be anything from 75 to 150 is a bit more fudge than I'd like. (Especially when the object of the exercise was to determine the fudge factor needed to dial in to the camera!)

As Lawrence said, meters give you a number, and what you do with that number is your call. I'm sure that someone more skilled in the art can eventually get the answer they need from any well-calibrated meter, but direct highlight measurement makes it a great deal easier and cuts out a lot of guesswork.


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