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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

In the studio you can take a reading from the highlights with your Gossen
meter, but with a distant scene you can not isolate the highlights with
the Gossen meter and a spot meter is needed to do this.

eye must say i'm getting confused by the contrary perspectives being posted here. gossen has a simple lens attachment which converts some of their meters to a spot meter. there are two points of confusion for me:

1. when is a spotmeter not a spotmeter? is there some significant difference between a minolta spotmeter V and a gossen lunapro with a lens attachment that turns it into a spotmeter? is it a precision issue, sensitivity issue, or transformation issue?

2. is there any difference between the way a reflective meter (with spot meter attachment) analizes and synthesizes an exposure value over a spot meter?

eye would certainly appreciate further illumination (bad pun) of this subject. thanks! :-)


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