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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

dear bruce,

I have run the script on my g4 (more than 2 hours...) and on my g5 dual 2,5ghz, 4gig ram. again, more than 30 minutes. ( it finally worked)

the results are not satisfying at all.
skin on my model-face and body was very magenta instead of tan.
my eyes could have done a much better job in a few minutes already.

I assume that exactly those many meassured gretag cards have different data, than my card.
I would love to supply you with the data i meassured with my spectrolino and my binuscan photoretouch pro kit.

I know you are working on your book right now and do not have much time to spare.

I will call carl juerg koch from sinar switzerland, an old personal friend of mine, and ask him how exactly he used this profilemaker in conjunction with his software for his digital backs.
his sinar software is an experience on its own: its soooooo damn good and precise when used in conjunction with this 24 patch greatg card ( the other card from greatg never really worked well at all, which seems so illogical.)

I shoot for the biggest beauty accounts in the world ( l'oreal, pantene, p&g, wella schwarzkopf, nivea , oil of olay, and some of the most important magazines as well, and as you can imagine compromise in quality is a tabu there)
and i have personally owned and tried ALL the cameras out there: the leaf back, the phase one back, the kodak backs as well as their slrs, the nikons and now the canons.

my background in physics has helped a little in understanding the digital cameras a little, since i had the first kodak dcs460 in my hands, in 1994.

nevertheless, practicality and precision is now my foremost importance, and again, to be able to shoot a chart and then with the click of a mouse button getting a basis that is simply correct and works, is what we photographer need.

I am very impressed that thomas has written a script that could actually do this.
but the colors are very off.
and they should not be.

if the target numbers for the different patches are , and have to be, the same as the target I own.....

may be a script, where one could enter his own meassured target numbers, could work better.

after all : a beautiful tanned model face should not be looking "piggy" skin colored, or sunburned magenta colored.....right?

I would love to send you data ( this very raw file, the script results, and my personal corecctions in comparrison, if you find the time to look into this).

akos photography
akos simon


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