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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

Good for Norman! He is an audio engineer of the first quality, which is how I met him. His approach is exactly the way I want to see it done.

As I was reading this, I already was considering the possibility of adding a curve in the predigitized stage in the camera, and even a manual gain control. I see it isn't necessary as it's been done. (It's a holdover from audio!)

I haven't examined Knoll's methods yet.

So far as the agonizing over lightmeters, I have tried to mitigate the damage done by blanket statements which translate into Minolta Spot GOOD, Gossen (and others) BAD. That's how it's read, even as I know the authors didn't intend it that way (You didn't, did you?;-)).

Reflection meters are averaging meters, period. A spot meter averages a 1% spot, a regular average a 30% spot or so. The difference is how it is designed to give you information. Your Luna pro gives all the information you need to use it correctly. You have to take advantage of the system, calibrate it to the digital as outlined by Bruce and others. It's formidable for some, and certainly not necessary to obtain max performance from your DSLR. It's not like film!

I cannot recommend the Koren article more strongly (even if he isn't a PS user!.) :-)


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