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Subject: Re: raw 3.1 professional custom profiles for highend digital cameras

> You did have the meter on continuous and not strobe, didn't you? ;-)
(Been there, done that!)

Also been there 'n' done that. :-) But the meter is set almost always for garden-variety incident readings.

It's been a challenge to second-guess what the sensor is going to "see". For instance, there have been any number of situations in which, to my eye (which is not entirely untrained), a highlight will appear to be well within range of capturing...and then, when the shot is viewed in ACR, I can see that the highlight has completely blown out. Yes, it could probably be recovered with changes in the Exposure slider (and then by sandwiching a couple of layers in PS)...but what's heavily vexing is why it would appear to the eye to be in range of being captured, with detail -- but so far off the mark when the shot has been taken. I mean, highlights that look positively dull to the eye sometimes end up "redlined" and all but unusable. It's as if I were shooting the old Kodachrome 25 when it was having a bad hair day. Only, even Kodachrome would have been more forgiving...it's more like trying to develop Tech Pan when you hadn't said the right incantations or hadn't rattled the right chicken bones...


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